sunday sins | lack of affection

sooo...about those carbs i swore off. was i crazy?? what was i thinking?? it was certainly tricky, and i pretty much gave up after a week. for starters, i wasn't actually trying to give up carbs so much as bread. but i would find myself choosing between two snacks and thinking "well, this one is chocolate and that 's bad...but at least it's not bread!" so that was unproductive. second, i had some teeth trouble and they ached like crazy for a week, so when i was choosing meals, all the carb based ones (soft breads, noodle soups etc) just seemed like the softer option on my teeth.
however, i will say that i did not go to tim hortons once in the past two weeks, or eat a single bagel. so hey, that's something.

gustav klimpt's the kiss

for the next two weeks i will not turn away affection from my husband. i know this sounds strange - actually it makes me sound frigid or something. let me explain: my husband and i are very affectionate. in our house there is lots of neck sniffing, nose brushing, side-eye kissing and inappropriate grabbing. we love to play. but i started to realize that i push him off a lot. because i'm too hot, because i'm in a rush, because i'm...internetting. and i have to wonder - are any of those things more important than a nuzzle or hug with j? probably not. and do they really take that much time out of my life? not likely.

on that p.d.a. ridden note - i'm off to be lovey dovey!


  1. Oh, I know this one! There are times my boyfriend will get home from a crappy day at work and I'm halfway through reading an inconsequential blog post and I have to FORCE myself to close the laptop for five minutes. And yet I expect him to pause whatever game he's playing every time anything pops into my head!

  2. I Lovvvvvveeeeee that painting so much!!

  3. Can. Not. Live. Without. Carbs. At. All.

    You are so right about the p.d.a.! I decided to do the same a while ago...there is just nothing more important than the ones we love!

    Happy weekend xxx

  4. This is a lovely goal to have. I may do the same thing this week with my hubby!

  5. I actually love your little PDA goal. My boyfriend and I are constantly lovey dovey, and there are a lot of times where I just push him away and make him stop, but I really have no reason for it, I just don't "feel" like being touchy-feely sometimes. I think I might steal this idea actually!

  6. Anonymous8.1.12

    Lovely post! That painting is wonderful <3

  7. Oh man, this just makes me want to eat a bagel. Which I will for lunch tomorrow. I can't just give up bread..it is too delicious. I hope you've showed your man all the love you've got. He deserves it and so do you darling!



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