musings | the sims vs. real life

now that i'm married, people ask me often when i plan to have babies.* i say, listen, i've got a teenager, and twin girls and that's more than enough for me!

i'm sure i've mentioned it here before, but i'm currently in a sim addicted 'situation'** and i can't get out. but it's okay because i'm convinced it's teaching me a lot about life. for example:

one | sometimes life throws surprises at you, like surprise twins, but you just adapt because what other choice do you have?*** you may also accidentally name them the same thing because you think it's just a glitch.

two | you will undoubtedly force your subconscious wishes, and your own beliefs on your children. like pink rooms and after school jobs.

three | my husband had better learn to cook because i'll be too busy taking care of the kids.

four | pretty much you never have time for friends because there's something more important you could be doing, like eating.

five | when push comes to shove and you have to decide if your little red headed girl will be hot headed and argue with her sister, i find i can't do it. i think this means i'm truly a good person.

six | i'll need a lot of money to live contentedly - i wish the cheat "motherlode" worked in real life. 50,000.00 dollars anyone?

* don't worry, jon gets a say as well.
** the jersery shore kids would be so proud of me.
*** aside from ignoring your child and waiting for social services to pick her up.


  1. haha! I love this! I used to be so addicted to The Sims (back in the day when there was only #1 and #2 out) I played for hours on end.

  2. Even though I never got into Sims, this was funny to read!

  3. I used to love The Sims and recently thought I should give it a go again! Loved reading this! xxx

  4. haha, this is funny. I play a similar game with real people playing the other characters, called SecondLife. I used to play a lot but now only a couple of times a week. Have met some wonderful people from all around the world through it though, even meeting some in real life. Though I have to say that my memory of playing Sims before SecondLife, has been tugging at me recently and I'm thinking of checking it out again.


  5. I am so jealous! I was straight up addicted to Sims 2 in high school. That's why I do not allow myself to buy Sims 3- I don't think I'd be able to come out of it. And surprise twins are the best! Too bad that pregnancies last more than 3 days in real life... haha


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