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project twenty-five | wake up. call in sick. use that day to do the things you've been meaning to do.

alterations | i can't really call in sick when i'm not sick.

here's the thing. i've definitely been in situations where i'm not like, terribly, awfully sick - but i call in sick anyways. maybe only twice in my life have i woken up and just called in sick because i don't want to go to work. for me, there always has to be a half truth. most of the time when i call in sick - i wake up feeling stressed out, dizzy, nauseous, tired etc. and maybe later in the day i will feel better. but the point is that in the morning - i definitely feel sick.

of course once i start feeling better i feel guilty for not being at work. but you have to wonder if in fact one starts to feel better because they are not at work. i think that's why i like those benylin day commercials*. basically they're saying that you should just take some medicine, and rest up.

once i feel better (to battle the guilt), i try to get as many things done as i can. the more productive i feel, the better i feel about letting down my boss, my co workers, and my bank account!

i can't tell you how many times i have wanted to avoid work in the past week. luckily one of the galleries i work at was closed for the holidays. i've been having some teeth problems and it's totally been stressing me out. the thing about being sick, is that your mind starts to wander and you wonder "what is wrong with me??" and that makes you feel even worse. which is probably part of why i call in sick in the first place.

* this is totally me when i am contemplating calling in sick. up, down, up, down. hold the phone, put it down. try to get past it. try to smile. fail!


  1. I hate to call in sick when I'm not super sick. I also think that karma is out to get me when I do, because the couple of times I have done it bad stuff happened!

  2. This is so me! I hate calling in sick but sometime's it's needed, even when you're not super sick! But I always end up feeling guilty...

  3. i'm with you there too, i've never called in sick when i'm not actually sick. although i'd love to! i've actually only called in sick twice. last winter, i could barely function and slept for hours. no fun. this past week i started fighting a cold and woke up with a sore throat - i do not want to be sick!


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