feature art | phoebe unwin

this is kind of how i'm feeling lately. a bit down, a bit depressed, but there's some mystery and moments of sheer happiness and colour.

emotional metaphors aside, i really do appreciate how each of these works by phoebe unwin have a slightly sinister quality (is that a figure? who is behind that mask?) to them. yet other aspects of them are quite joyful (lines of pink and collective bundles of rainbows).

normally i curate the work that i post here. i try to find a common thread or theme, whether it be colour, shape, composition or subject matter. but as i mentioned, these pieces below are quite fitting because i feel kind of all over the place right now.


  1. amazing paintings. sorry to hear that you're feeling a bit down. hope you find something to prevent that

    xo katrina

  2. Lovely paintings... Thank you for sharing

    I'm sorry your feeling down, hugs


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