musings | looking forward

as i sit here and wait for my name to be called at the dentist, i can't help but think about how much i dread it. the funny thing is that what i dread is not necessarily the appointment itself but this waiting, and this time leading up to it.

on the same subject but on the flip side of things, i also love the wait and the time leading up to good things. birthday parties, paycheques, drinks with the girls or a special holiday! i love thinking about events that take place in the future. it drives me, motivates me and gets me excited! but we all know that the event is rarely what we make it to be right? it never quite achieves the importance that we have given it in our minds. and so i just enjoy the waiting.

i think this is why i enjoy christmas more than most people. because i'm very aware that the month leading up to this holiday is the best part. planning gift ideas, shopping, listening to christmas music and seeing all of the houses lit up so magically. i absolutely thrive from december first to december twenty-third!

because two days later... it's all over. you have to think about taking the tree down, pack up the ornaments,* de-string the holiday lights, and then go to the dentist because you ate too many candy canes!

i'm wondering though if the waiting highs outweigh the "let down?"**

* i literally can't do this task. i make j do it because it just makes me so said. if it was up to me there would be a christmas tree up all year. but even i know that ruin the specialness!
** that word is a bit extreme but it does in a way summarize what i'm talking about.


  1. Taking the tree down always makes me a little sad.

  2. I totally know what you mean, and I completely agree. Oh anticipation, what have you done to us??

  3. A: make the appointment for first thing in the A.M. so that there is no waiting around all day...

    B: Valium. my dentist gives me 2 hits and i'm in pleasure-pleasure land for the entire visit (and the rest of the day)...

  4. I always used to get my mom to take our tree and decorations down. It just depresses me so much!


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