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project nineteen | write down the story of an incident in which you're lucky enough to be alive to tell the tale

alternations | i'm an incredibly safe person. i know - that's totally boring. but i don't really live on the edge or go on great adventures. that being said, i can't recall any serious incidents in which i almost died! so instead i will tell you about a time my brother almost died. some details are more clear than others, so i'll tell it in the style of my other memories.

my baby brother patchie! (not actually so baby, i know)

we were at the cottage. in my mind i recall it as late summer, but that might be because it was evening - it was cooler. my little brother had gone missing (he was so very very young - perhaps 3?). the whole family searched for him. in the cottage, on the deck, under the deck, at the forest line, down by the dock (could he have gone that far?). all of sudden one of my other brothers shouted "mom!!!". he was pointing to the hot tub. at the bottom lay my littlest brother (so very very young), unmoving. my mother moved so fast towards him - i didn't understand how anyone could move that fast. she pulled him out and while she was tending to him (do all nurses know cpr so well? even baby nurses?), dad was shepherding us to the boat. the boat ride to the marina was so quiet - just the wind (so cold!). the boat pulled in so fast the owner was already running to the dock when we arrived. she knew something was wrong! we were made to stay there for the night and my parents had to drive to the hospital (so far away!). i don't know what we did, but maybe we played games or something. i wasn't scared.

in case you are wondering, my brother was fine. i was really proud of my mom but ever since then i was very conscious of just how far help or a hospital was. i can't help but wonder sometimes if that's why i'm so safe - you can't count on help all the time you know?

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