feature art friday | aaron straupe cope

i am totally entranced by by these neon mapping images by aaron straupe cope. a man who is inspired and worked closely with "all things mobile, geo and 'machine-tag' related." appropriately called "pretty maps," the images and colours are based on data from various open sources. you can read more about it here. i think this connection/collaboration between art and technology is truly exquisite.* 

the last image is what came up when i searched my location - victoria, bc canada (that dark chunk is victoria proper. but the whole section to the left is the lower quadrant of vancouver island.

*science was like "ya'll are too slack and hippy dippy." and art was like "fine, we don't need to be friends with you! there's tons of other friends we could have!"

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  1. i super like this, the maps are absolutely delightful!



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