feature art friday | kris atomic

i've had a bit of a girl crush on kris atomic since the first time i stumbled upon her blog. you know how sometimes you look at yourself and feel like you aren't skilled enough or creative enough? well, when you discover women like kristina, you're bound to think "ohhh, that's where all the talent went!" kristina is a photographer and illustrator who lives in brighton. her blog is simple, tasteful and full of exciting pops of colour. this series below, from her portfolio, is indicative of her whimsical illustrative style (and i love the journal-like presentation!):


  1. no fair, she is hogging the talent po all for herself, thanks for sharing :)

  2. i love the last pic, it's like me to a T!

  3. Oh this is so lovely!
    It makes me happy ^^

    xxx, Mri


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