fifty-two projects | project six

this is project six of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects click here.

project six | you never know when it all might end. that thing about just walking across the street and getting hit by a bus - it really could happen. write a letter to be given to the most important person in your life in the event of your death.

alterations | none, but i'm not going to share it here.

you know, i've been pretty open when it comes to the fifty-two projects. but this one, well, it's pretty gruesome and i don't think i could post something like that here. i'll write this letter to my husband. i guess once you get past the morbid nature of this task, it's actually rooted in a nice idea. goodness knows if anything were ever to happen to the love of my life well...i'd want something. something that would tell me we shared an awareness of this possibility, and how dreadful it would be.

i'll hide it in my underwear drawer.


  1. I guess it is a little morbid to think about, but if the worst did happen it would be a wonderful thing for your husband to have.

    It reminds me a little of that website where you can email your future self. I've done that once or twice, am yet to receive them. I wonder when I set them to send to me?

  2. I totally understand you're not sharing this here :)
    It's brave to write such a letter I think... well if you know what I mean...

    xxx, Mri

  3. I absolutely understand you not wanting to share this project with the world. That seems like it would cheapen it.

    Where do you find the fifty-two projects prompts? Is it something you created yourself? Great idea.


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