feature art friday | jonathan lewis + me

when i worked at the kitchener-waterloo gallery, i remember seeing a picture of artwork that was just a series of lines. something about the simplicity and organization of the piece attracted me and i knew i wanted to try the same thing. call me a copy cat, but in all fairness, i've seen various versions of this style of colourfield art over the years. case in point: these wicked colourful barcode style photographs by jonathan lewis. what's neat about lewis' lines are the way they blend into one another when you look closely (oh, and the titles! respectively, sweethearts, dots and jelly belly). the line piece i painted a couple years is the last picture below - i think it's probably one of the most therapeutic things i have ever done!


  1. Oow my eyes hurt! But this artwork is so intriguing and unique. Good find! Xx

  2. tooooo much stripes!!! but i still like it! colours colours and more colours!!!

  3. holly smith11.11.11

    i remember you doing this and it makes me homesick a bit! i miss living with you!!


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