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this is project forty-two of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects click here.

project forty-two | take some chopsticks from your kitchen drawer, and, along with twenty-five dollars cash and a chinese take-out menu, seal them up in an envelope. mail off the envelope to one of your currently unemployed friends, your college aged kid brother or sister...

alterations | we've been trying to find our collection of chopsticks for ages now. but to no avail. so i switched it up. because also, i'm not going to send cash in the mail. i mean, i love the postal system but i'm not a chump.

my little brother just moved to a brand new condo in toronto on bay street near the queens quay, the sky dome, union station and the distillery district. oh, did i mention he's right next to lake ontario?? well, if that's where dropping out of university* gets you, then goodness only knows why i suffered through all that education. well, to show him there's no hard feelings,** i made this envelope and included this mcdonald's gift card! unfortunately there's only twenty bucks on it...cause that's all i had ;)

* sort of. maybe he's finishing part time, it's anyone's guess. big tech nerds are in demand so he jumped the school ship.
** despite the fact that he's like, living my dream.


  1. This is a lovely idea, and your card and envelope are so cute...it's just got to make him smile.

  2. brilliant idea, also makes me kinda hungry and i didn't know you can get mc donalds gift cards?!


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