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don't get me wrong - he proposed first. as much as i like to think of myself as a modern woman, i'm definitely not that advanced! but after j proposed we agreed that it didn't seem fair that i got to wear a beautiful ring for a year before we got married and he didn't!

so my expedition began. he didn't want anything boring. in fact he'd gone so far as to sketch me an image of what he wanted his ring to look like. i had the most difficult time trying to find it because, as i learned, men's wedding rings are incredibly dull. it was kind of unspoken though that we wanted our rings to come from established, reputable jewelry stores. there was no doubt i could find the ring he wanted in some cool little back alley store but we wanted to know that it was protected and under warranty. by the time i reached the sixth major jewelry store i was feeling like the whole thing was hopeless. and then i saw it. it was almost exactly like j's drawing except better. 

i thought that i would keep the ring with me for months - waiting for the perfect moment. but the perfect  moment occurred sooner than i expected - one day later! j picked me up from a dinner with friends and i was a little tipsy. when we got out of the car he paused and said "look! a shooting star!" right then, while he was looking up i knew it was the right time. except, as i was tipsy i was struggling to find the ring box in my bag. in order to stall him i said things like "what? where? tell me more."

miraculously he didn't look down for while. and when he did i was on one knee, holding the ring box up to him. even though i had split my pants, i asked him to marry me.

he said he couldn't because he was engaged to someone else. ; )


  1. Love this! I do like the spiral twist on his ring, still masculine but artistic too!

    We felt the same about wanting to both have engagement rings so I made my honey a hammered ring with sterling silver (I am a metalsmith artist)! He special ordered a ring for me from an artist he found locally. I love unique wedding rings. :)

  2. you two are so lovely... that's a gorgeous story.

    um, side note: you were both tipsy and he was driving? cab it to my place next week ;)

  3. Totally sweet. It's great that you are sharing the story! X

  4. That's a lovely story :) Michael has a 'man-gagement' watch that I bought for him that he wears every day. I think it's nice that he has something too.

  5. awesome. thanks for sharing!

  6. What a lovely story :) I used to ask Rob if he'd marry me all the time and he'd say "Nope!" every time, hahaha!

  7. Aw! You guys are adorable : )

  8. thats such a super cute story! :) -Lo

  9. This is so sweet, and the picture of your hands/rings together makes my heart melt. Beautiful story! (Thank you for your comment, i haven't ombre'd my hair - yet - but it's a result of several DIY hair dye! It's always so embarassing telling people i dye and cut my own hair! I have a phobia of hairdressers!!!) x

  10. This is so cute :) Love the ring you found for him - it's intricate but still masculine. Great job! :)

  11. this is the sweetest thing!!! its so romantic. :-)


  12. Oh that is so sweet !!! I love this ^^
    It's really romantic!
    Congratulations ! <3

    xxx, Mri



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