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i wanted to do a second post today because one of my "make art a part (of your life)" e-course students has completed the course and i was delighted to read her final thoughts on it:

"kaitlyn, the creator of "make art a part (of your life)," loves art and she loves sharing art. this course beautifully showcases her love and talent for teaching and bringing people together. she covers a variety of topics including art history and appreciation, where to find inspiration and how to bring art into your life. she really made me think about how important and enriching art is to our lives. for myself, it made me realize on a very deep level, what a treasure and blessing art is and how i need to make time and space for it." -lori, what remains now

this is a photo of one of my favourite projects that lori did from the course, a felt purple monster:

another student is updating me about her progress and had this to say after reading the art appreciation section and applying it to a real-life situation:

"i thought about what you were saying about art appreciation while we were visiting the site. it was interesting to see how my focus/attitude changed depending on how much information was available about each mosaic. when background information was provided, i found myself looking at the mosaic as a whole, trying to work out what the artist was trying to communicate. and i did find those mosaics more interesting and engaging." -leigh, uk

this is the result of the stationery project leigh did - they look just like mine but with different paper - how cute!


  1. Kaitlyn,

    Thank you for showing my little monster. That was one of my favorites too. Your e-course is truly wonderful, and I hope you have many, many students. Count me "in" for any of your future offerings.

  2. Great monster, Lori! And thanks for showing my envelopes Kaitlyn =)
    Leigh x


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