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specifically for me, jealously of other bloggers, crafters and those who work in the art world. it's almost inevitable isn't it? when you are ambitious there will always be people ahead of you, and you can't help but feel anxious to get where they are.

as a blogger, i see others that have twenty-seven comments on each post and eight hundred and fifty-two followers...and i can't help but feel jealous. this is not to say that a blog's success is judged solely on these qualifiers. however, one of the best parts of blogging (aside from journaling and sharing your opinion with the world) is being a part of the online community. it's one thing to have a voice. it's another to have listeners.

as a crafter, i see online shops with thousands of sales and craft show artists with cool displays and lots of customers. sometimes this inspires me to try harder and be more creative. other times i just want to sink lower on the couch and cry a little bit. it's hard when you are so anxious for your business to take off. you want orders coming in every day, you want to be featured on popular websites, you want to sell more so that you have an excuse to make more. you want more and you want it quickly.

as someone who works in the art world, it's a struggle. especially for me because i know exactly what i want to do. i want to be a curator of contemporary art in a mid sized public gallery. despite trying though, i never seem to get much closer to that goal. it doesn't help when i see old classmates and acquaintances snagging awesome jobs at hip galleries in major city locations.

people always say "they were once where you are too." but that never helps does it? i'm pretty good at shaking off the jealousy, but i want you to know i'll never deny that it's there. it exists! so we keep it to ourselves and we keep trying to attain our goals...


  1. I think you have to take that jealousy and turn it in to inspiration, then take that inspiration and turn it in to action. Stuff seldom just happens to you, you have to make it happen. I used to get a bit annoyed when it seemed like stuff was happening for other people and not me, but now I just try to see it as an opportunity to learn from that other person and try to improve my own practice.

  2. I think we can all relate. It's hard to not be jealous and always want more. And you're right, all we can really do is shake it off and keep working toward our own goals. :)

  3. I think everyone can relate to this. I think a little bit of healthy jealousy can be helpful, because it means you do your best...but it should never get in the way of you being yourself or writing about what you love :) <33

  4. I think especially for artists, that we hold very high personal bars for ourselves...which of course just get raised higher and higher as we see all the success of other artists/bloggers/etc. I mean how many times was the Mona Lisa repainted until it was just right (or was it ever just right)? The artist is never satisfied!

    What a great dream to be a curator, and a dream that I'm sure is inspiring. :)

  5. I can totally relate to this! Have been feeling the same, but, I have decided to stop looking what others do or have and just let things happen.
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  6. I can completely relate - I'd say everyone can at some stage. Everyone is going to have people in their lives who make them feel either inspired or a little envious. It's only human nature to want what we don't have.

    I feel sometimes like if I did things other bloggers do, maybe that would make my blog more popular, but then I wouldn't be true to me. I think we just have to stay positive, stick with what we're doing, and everything happens for a reason. As long as we stay true to ourselves, only good can come of it!

    But I can completely relate to that sinking on the couch feeling...

  7. I really understand you. And I think it's the road to success. So, keep envious!

  8. Anonymous9.10.11

    AH yes. I agree too. I have come to realize that, art is something that I love. I have a passion for it. So is writing and sharing my feelings.It helps me keep my balance to have a blog. If it does that for you too, then don't worry about more readers. They will come.What you put out into the universe comes back three fold :)
    on a side note..I LOVE your work. Simple, elegant and each piece makes a statement. Sending you love and light from my little corner of the world! :)

  9. Anonymous9.10.11

    I hear you, only i'm on a much smaller scale.... i don't even have a product/shop but i am so envious of those with the resources, talent, and inspiration to chase after their dreams and goals.

  10. We all feel this way. I've pushed myself to the limit several times. Always believe in yourself. I know you'll reach your ultimate goal! :)


  11. true that sister.

    PS. you are also a source of envy for me - you're so creative and clever. you're probably the best gift giver i've ever met; you package things like no one has ever lived; and you amaze me with your artsyness all the time.

    pps. wait till you see what i do for the dinner party.... you're a source of envy but inspiration too :)

  12. Hi kaitlyn,

    I can relate to you. I have just been blogging for a month now, but sometimes I can't help but feel jealous because I do not have a lot of readers. Its kind of frustrating whenever I see "0 comments". But then again, I know that in time, I would be able to have more readers as well as online connections. Its not that Im doing my blog mainly for other people because I am doing it for myself--to express whatever I am feeling, and to kind of like serve as a documentation of my life. But it feels better whenever other people get to read about your life and see their appreciation through their comments. It gives us more inspiration as well as motivation. :-)

    Anyway, I guess its just normal to feel this way as we all are just starting.

    Goodluck to us. :-)


  13. Love this honest post. I feel it all the time...it's a little ugly, but it's hard to control. Thanks for sharing. xo


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