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of late i am particularly interested in any written word that is directed at me*, as a young female crafter and all around creative person. bespoke zine is just that and more. bespoke is a refreshing little book of literature that has risen out of the down under to excite and delight young women world wide.

i was lucky enough to get a peek inside issue # 3 and was all around enchanted. not only is each and every page (over twenty!) chock full of inspiring contemporary creators, interesting art forms and useful how-tos (zippers and budgets anyone?), but it's aesthetically pleasing as well! it's clear that the zine creators have a love affair with beautiful fonts and lovely layouts.

after reading issue #3, i feel inspired and even gently encouraged to push myself just a little bit further in my chosen field of artistry. 

the zine is also offered in the more traditional paper form - check it out here!

* i was given the chance to review this product but was not offered anything except the chance to read a full issue!


  1. I dont think I know of any good online zines.. So I'm grateful you recommended one.. It looks inspiring and beautiful indeed! Great share!

    Janette the Jongleur

  2. I'm going to check this out. I signed up for their newsletter. Looks good!

  3. Anonymous23.10.11

    I'll have to check this out ...looks really cool :)

  4. Oh, thank you SO much for your lovely post about *bespoke*, Kaitlyn! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

    Jess xx
    (*bespoke* publisher/editor)


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