mail art monday | rockin' it old school with the snail mail

i have two special pieces of paper art to share today. the first, is a card from a friend. i went for coffee with this woman last tuesday evening, and on friday morning i got this card in my mailbox thanking me for meeting up with her earlier in the week. how old school cool is that?

the second piece is this beautiful mail art sent to me by my old roommate. she lives in the yukon and clearly used this fact as her creation inspiration! note the beautiful scenery and gruff+grizzly animals! i sense that there was some travel brochures in play here...


  1. I wish I got more snail mail that wasn't a stinky bill!! I guess you have to send it to get it, right? I must make more of an effort to do that :)

  2. Oh I love old school letters and postcards :D
    I do have one problem... I write letters a lot, but most of the time I forget to put them in the mail... :p

    xxx, Mri


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