mail art monday | mail outs and a red surprise

my hummingbird finally arrived and i was able to finish my mailing envelopes! it's the perfect size, the perfect shape and isn't too fussy and detailed! and best of all - it embosses perfectly! take a look at the close up below.

i've also included some photographs of my mail-outs in these past couple of weeks - a bunch of stationery orders plus a birthday gift for my niece, a letter to my new pen pal, a belated birthday card and some really belated straggling wedding thank-yous.

at the bottom is a picture of the beautiful piece of mail art that i received from a friend back in ontario. it's beautiful isn't it? and such a wonderful vibrant red!

don't forget about the back to school sale at isavirtue stationery! 25% off but only until i get all my products photographed in their new backdrop. it may take awhile - or i may be done quite quickly!


  1. AHHh! Wilmington!! THATS ME I THINK!
    I can't wait! :D

  2. Anonymous5.9.11

    everything is lovely!

  3. @ shelby | hahaha - good eye!

  4. i forgot to tell you, i needed 7c of stamps but it would have had to have been a 5 & 2x1's- so she made me buy a 10c stamp because it would look "nicer".


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