mail art monday | new penpal + what my dad made

one of my readers commented that she missed writing letters so i offered to be her new penpal!

i found this great blue and red paper at a local craft shop. although this entire piece is quite simple, i'm so struck by the print on this paper that i almost don't want to mail the envelope! i love that quote by marilyn monroe that is finished on the back of the envelope too...

while my parents were here i taught my dad how to do some stamping and embossing. i had no qualms letting him just go for it* as he has a really good eye and a steady hand. he even started experimenting after doing a couple! below is his attempt to mix two embossing powders. i quite like the effect don't you? i'll have to give it a shot.

 way to go dad!

* i even let him do some journals...which is kind of a big deal because they aren't easily replaceable - you get one chance to stamp with no mistakes!


  1. wow, that envelope paper is stunning! I made some envelopes recently from old wallpaper samples, based on a nicely shaped envelope I saved and traced. Long live letter writing, especially when it's soooo pretty x

  2. That envelope is so pretty! I love handmade envelopes they are just perfect.Your dad did so well with the embossing. I love the effect of embossing.
    Oh I simply adore mail!! I love writing and receiving letters :)


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