project twenty-seven

project twenty-seven: take a picture of a kid you know well, your niece...etc. then, make a postcard out of the picture and mail it to the kid.

alteration: instead of making a postcard, i made the picture into an envelope.

i loved the pictures the photographers took at our wedding of my little niece isabela. since it was pouring rain that day, there were umbrella's everywhere. she grabbed the biggest, pinkest umbrella and ran around with it for about an hour. i printed off this picture on eighty lb cardstock and folded it into an envelope. inside i put a pair of princess/fairy hair clips and a pink necklace. she's not quite three yet so i don't know if she'll get that "star quality" feeling mentioned in the project twenty-seven description, but i think she'll have fun with it none-the-less! i can't decide* whether to stick an address on it and mail it as is, or put it inside a larger envelope...what do you think?


  1. Larger envelope! You don't want that to get ruined!

  2. I agree! Larger envelope.

  3. Yes. Larger envelope. Don't hide her pretty face :) It's gorgeous, btw.

  4. Larger envelope! it's too beautiful to put a stand over it. I think the parents would appreciate it too.

    such a sweet thing to do for her.

  5. I know I should say envelope, but how fun to unexpectedly see that face when you open the mailbox...

    PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern

  6. No envelope...pop it right in the mail!


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