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after reading a recent post by my wishcake on the keywords people use to find her blog, i just knew i had to look up my top keywords. in my case they are really more "key sentences" but they amuse me none the less. without further ado:

getting married in nine days | really? when i did that blog post it just happened to be nine days before my wedding. i can totally see googling "getting married in one day" or "getting married in seven days" - but nine?

kaitlyn is a virtue | why yes, yes i am.

stop with the puns | i can't!!

they both got curated several times | this is the last line of a movie - i can't remember which one but since i aspire to be a curator, it amused me immensely. even funnier however, was the person who googled "what does 'they both got curated' mean?" i can just see this person laughing with their friend at the end of the movie and then going home and madly googling what it means!

lonely bunny/bunny sad | what?

why don't people dress anymore? | if you can believe it, i get this one a lot. i think it's from a post i did in which i inquired "why don't people dress up anymore?"* but when you take out the word "up" it's sooo much funnier.

inextricably happy | i actually really like this one because i remember walking home from work one day and being very very happy. inextricably and  inexplicably so. i like to imagine the person that searched that was as well.

do spiders look pregnant? | a perfectly valid search query.

making a zibellini | i don't even know what that is! i had to google it myself just now!**

i need a speech about my husband | i wonder if they have sites that sell wedding speeches the same way they sell college essays? this search refers to this speech - not for sale.

marzipan miniature people/marzipan babies/marzipan baby shoe/miniature clay babies/tiny babies/over-sized baby | so it turns out people are incredibly fascinated by oddly sized babies.

sketch of a pillow | i know why i posted it and it made total sense but why would someone google this? is this what they are drawing in art class now instead of nudes?

what to put on the front of envelopes when sending a letter | this is a person who needs my help. i'm glad you found my blog dear friend.

spoiled meringue | yes, my blog is exactly the place to come to if you want to know how you can eff up meringue pie.

and my absolute personal favourite all time key word search....drum roll please...

* and i'm still wondering this!
** OH!! hahaha, now i remember. anyways, that's creepy.


  1. Hahahahaha! Hilarious. :) did you just look these up in your stats?

  2. hahaha amusing.! i'd probably do the same but once i checked my stats-one word, boring! haha. yours fun fun xo

  3. Hi Kaitlyn! For some reason this post reminded me of the traveling journal, and sparked my curiosity about where it went. I haven't seen any updates lately!

  4. Hilarious!

    People usually find me by searching for... me. Which freaks me out a little bit. Don't you have my link? And if you don't, how do you know to search me out?


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