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warning: you may be confused today because you are going to read about food, baking and recipes. you are indeed at the isavirtue blog and it has not been hijacked by a mystery hacker.

project two: find a recipe for key lime pie. make the pie. take pictures of the pie. invite some friends over. next, get a box and some key limes. put the pies in the box along with your recipe. mail off the box to a friend. 

alteration: i am totally obsessed with lemon meringue pie so i chose that instead. i also chose a box recipe in order to bring it down to my level. i hand cut* lemons and an envelope instead of a box.

i invited a knowledgeable friend over (click here to see her knowledge) to help me create my lemon pie. and let me just say...thank goodness. at times like this i am convinced that i am a visual learner because reading recipes does absolutely nothing for me! my friend definitely had to walk me through the process in baby steps. 

the meringue part, which is at least half the enjoyment of a lemon meringue pie (as the name would suggest), did not work because i don't own proper beaters. oopsie! i was pretty sad but luckily i had an extra pie shell, and laid it overtop of the bottom half. then to compensate for my spoiled meringue, i decorated the top!

as for my lemon mailing, i included the box with the directions, as well as a number of paper lemons with helpful instructions such as:

"beat the eggs before you put them in the pot."
"don't freak out when the lemon goo gets chunky."
"use real beaters"
"take the pie out of the oven with both hands."
and finally:
"pull the oven door down completely so as not to severely burn your elbow."

of course almost everyone i know cooks well, and i had to send this to someone who would appreciate such advice and wisdom! and so, my dear aunt keke. project two is for you!

* wanna see what else i made this week? come back and visit me tomorrow!


  1. How bout I just eat the pie? :)

  2. Great project! I know absolutely nothing about food. I've been trying to teach myself, but I better stick to something else. :)


  3. oh dear! haha. Well thats what they have bakery's for, right?

  4. Looks great to me!! Way to go! I've never made a real pie before. Yours turned out so pretty!

  5. You did lovely, lovely! Just remember - follow the directions as they go, one step at a time ;) PS. Was it delicious??

  6. You and your decorated mail are so stinkin' cute! It kills me every time!

  7. Mmmm, loveeee lemon pie! Looks tasty, even without the meringue. :)

  8. I like the way you've laid out the pics, very cool! Can you send that pie to me please? ;)

  9. Anonymous16.6.11

    Lemon pie?!?!?! Homemade ?!?!?! I am jelous! Looks like it turned out amaing {pretty and delish :)} ... Martha watch out!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  10. It looks so good! And lemon meringue pie is so tricky to make, you did so well!


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