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this is project thirty-three of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects click here.

project thirty-three | find the first poem you ever wrote. read it over. try to remember the story of why you wrote it, what inspired you and who it was for. then, write a new poem. once you're done, date it, and put it in the place where you found your first one, so that they can both be rediscovered at some point in the future.

alteration | i will re-read old poems written to me, not by me.

below is a poem that was written to me by my tenth grade boyfriend.

to me,
you are the pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.
the shiny white pearl
in a clam.
the cherry on top
of a banana sundae.
the middle
of an oreo.
i ran out of ideas.

after i found and read this i thought "gosh, that is so sweet, and so simple. i would love to have someone write me a poem again." then i remembered - wait! my husband wrote me a great poem!

serious pg 13 rating!!! scroll down if you are over 13.

when we first met, i was caught up by your eyes
i saw the deep blue, and they started to hypnotize
it is the worst when i am forced to see them cry
for every time it was my fault i sincerely apologize

my absolute favourite of your parts, is your fantastic ***
the thing that both literally and metaphorically i can't look past
even though we do weird things like compliment each other's ***
i find it to be lovely, for sure not rude or crass

your knowledge and intelligence do seem to overwhelm
the way you approach life and school, you grab it by the helm
do not fret when you have a prof that chooses to condemn
for what they do not realize is that the problem stems from them

touching your soft, smooth and **** body is better than the rest
the greatest time i love to spend with you is when we romp and ***
how i love to need the kneading of your tender *******
the one request i have is that you don't make me an ex

your body and your person are definitely in high demand
you must have been the topic in john mayer's "wonderland"
i will do whatever you need and your wish is my command
i love you forever and a day, i hope you understand.

so my own poem in response to this one written to me by j three years ago is:

the first time i encountered you
i knew that one would become two
you smiled at me
warmth i could see
at that moment my life felt fresh and new

my favourite part of your physique
is the soft part at the top of your cheek
the rest of your face
is completely fur based
its that soft spot i always seek

you rhyme like a famous rapper
you can be stylish, droll and dapper
your confidence is thrilling
...i ran out of ideas.*

*it's 1:30 am and i'm sooo tired i can't think anymore. 


  1. I love poetry and how is distills a moment or feeling to such a beautiful image. I enjoyed reading all of the poems. Funny and poignant.

  2. So cute! Love the 10th grade poem :)

  3. oh my gosh! are you two ever darling, i am smitten with this poetry post. from beginning to end, simply awesome. especially the running out of ideas part, epic honesty and really cute! ♥


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