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back in july i heard about a local night market - and got really excited! my work schedule makes it impossible to participate in local markets because they all take place on saturday and sunday mornings. when i heard about one that happens in the evening, i immediately called the organizer and asked* if i could participate. i've done two already and there will be one more market in september. i learn a little bit more each time! below are pictures of my "booth" and the way it has altered to better accommodate the customers and the location.

p.s. as a side note, one of my "make art a part (of your life)" e-course students has been writing some pretty great blog posts about her experience with the course thus far. check them out here and here.

registration for make art a part is always open. click here to register.

p.p.s. next wednesday i'll be sharing the first of my christmas products**

* begged.
** i know! but selling online means i have to be way ahead of the game so that people who want christmas cards etc can buy them way in advance to mail to their friends and family.

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