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i am delighted to be on this week's on pie n' the sky's girl talk series. blogger melisa is featuring me as "the gallerist" and i've answered a series of interview questions. by golly that girl knows how to put together a beautiful blog post. her whole blog is like eye candy and i hope my girl talk section lives up to that!
head on over if you want to learn more about me. or click here for the rest of the girl talk series (including some of my other relevant favourites "the newlywed," "the painter" and "the artist.")


  1. You're so beautiful!

  2. who took the photos? they all (and you) look fabulous!

  3. thank you so much for such a lovely comment on my blog - so nice of you!

    you're blog looks fabulous too! i will definitely be back to poke around some more (as soon as my birthday busy-ness settles down!)

    be sure to pop back over to my blog on friday for a special giveaway!


  4. @ callah | my friend kristy, we took pictures of each other, then i had an online friend put some photoshop actions on them

  5. loveee you look amazing


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