feature art friday | ira hoffecker

i mentioned ira's work before, and i also posted a picture of a piece very similar to this first one. but now i'm going to do a feature because we are showing her work at the gallery for the month of august and i'm head over heels in love with it. this is the perfect example of how art makes me love colour. ira also does some other things i like. she has coated all of these paintings in multiple layers of resin. i have always liked this look - ever since i first saw it at the toronto outdoor art exhibition a few years ago. it makes the artwork look so...finished and chic. 

this artist also speaks to my love of detail. within each work she includes little notes and stamps. they are often quite hidden unless you move up close to the work. some are in english, some in french and i believe some are in german which i'm guessing is her native language. what do you think? too much colour or just enough to get you excited?


  1. OH wow! I love these. I think my favorite is the 3rd photo. They look like ceramic tiles. So incredible.

  2. i love the reds in the first one!


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