packaging | a think session

i haven't been happy with the way my etsy orders have been going out lately. aesthetically speaking. i read feedback for other sellers and often times the reviewer will speak about the "cute packaging." and while it's certainly not necessary - for etsy products it does seem to be a point of pride that the goodies arrive well presented. i like the way i pack my actual products - it's crisp and clean inside a little cello bag. but after that i kind of drop the ball.

i throw it in one of the yellow envelopes (yellow? blech!) that j got me at the dollar store, scribble an address on it (although to be honest i've been told my scribbles are pretty) and bring it to the post office. and usually i'm too scared to ask for actual postage stamps rather than a sticker print-out with the cost (which i would definitely prefer).

but no more! in the past week i have ordered the following items and i'm excited to see how they will come together to create a cute little package that anyone would be happy to get in the mail!


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  2. Packaging is one of the details that is easy to overlook! I have been trying to figure out some new ideas myself for {when I re-open with Etsy} in the Autumn. Great post! Thanks so much for sending me the link for the Make Art a Part e-course! I am there!


  3. I'm a huge packaging nut!! It was one of my favourite classes in design school. I sometimes just buy a product for the packaging and have no interest in the actual product.. I just want to display the packaging! hahha


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