mail art monday | a pile of mail

the mail strike in canada ended last week but i didn't have a day off to go to the post office until thursday or friday. normally i do all of my errands on thursdays, as they are my day off, but with the holiday i thought "i'll just relax at home on thursday and then go out on friday."

so on friday morning i packed up all my mail (about seventy pieces - which does include wedding thank-you notes), stuffed it all in my handy lands end bag and went down to wait for the bus. when i got there i saw a sign about the canada day public transit schedule. at which point i realized...oops. it's a canadian holiday...this mail isn't going anywhere today! so i trudged back upstairs and unloaded it all.

i took it to the post office saturday morning* but of course it won't go out until the pick up this afternoon. and funnily enough...anything going to the states will be delayed until after their holiday today!

* and it feels so good to have it gone. i was starting to feel like a mail fetishist or something...

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  1. YAY!! :D It's ok if mine's delayed. I wont get it until august anyways. :P darn. haha!


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