the happiness project | week two

ok, i'll be honest, my goal in week one didn't go so great. i only biked to work one day! i have tons of great excuses for the rest of the week but i'm already cranky so i won't get into it. my goal this week is more manageable, will make me feel way more organized and relaxed. goal: properly catalogue my technology. this includes all of my files on my lap top and all of my tags on my blog. i've already started this task and i feel better already. i have renamed and re-filed every product picture from my etsy shop.

however, priority number one: FIX MY DYSFUNCTIONAL BLOG.*

* capitals. so you know i'm FREAKING OUT. i'm so sorry that all my pictures are missing in my previous posts.

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  1. Oh god my mac is a MESS. I sit down and 'organize' it every week or so. But I just think I make it a bigger mess because then I can't remember where I put anything that used to be on my desktop. I like my desktop to be clear.


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