fifty-two projects

sometimes life gets busy. this makes it difficult to get inspired to be creative. personally i don't have a lot of time to sit and stare at the sky or wander aimlessly around european cities.* this means i have to look in more convenient and time saving places for my inspiration.**

therefore, fifty-two projects is officially my new inspiration maker and project source. many of these assignments are perfect for me because they centre around books, letters, mail and art. i'm very very excited to begin. for fifty-two weeks - one year of my life - i will complete each and every project.

now, i should mention that i don't plan to do them in order. it's a nice idea, but life doesn't work like that. i can't force a party to happen when it's not planned, and i'm not going to purposefully smash a drinking glass on the floor (curious yet?). i am also going to alter a number of the projects. i must do this because i hate tequila and i'm not male (curious now??).

the projects begin tomorrow and will be posted on thursdays until june 2012. (2012!!)

an image that inspires me immensely - victoria artist taryn brown's corazon rojo.

* i like to imagine this is what loafty*** artists do when they get rich and famous. it's probably not accurate.
** a.k.a. surfing the web.
*** yep, i definitely meant loafty - it's a play on "lofty" and "loaf" - as in "to loaf."


  1. Haha! What are your projects?? :D I think that is a great goal to have! We all need more creativity in out life.

  2. I can help you with the tequila!!! (and then closely followed a little aid with the smashing of a glass I'm sure).... PS. Smashing glass on the ground is kind of liberating. Do it.

    Better yet, let's make a date and do it together!

  3. Anonymous8.6.11

    hahaha! kristy! oh gosh...ok we'll make a date. remind me to tell you about an instance where i did in fact smash a dish on purpose!


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