joshua field

these images by joshua field from saatchi online are so perfect for today because it's dreary and wet outside, with only a slight promise of something more uplifting. i love these works of art because they remind me of a dream world. they feel foggy, as if i am just waking up and trying to piece together all the fleeting moments of my night's subconscious. images that don't make sense together now, but in my dreams their marriage gave me no reason for pause. i did in fact dream last night, and i think they were good dreams. but j asked me what had me so worked up that i managed to kick the top sheet completely off the bed and twist the remaining blankets.*

i thought it would be fun to pull out the stunning colours from this first image. they are so minuscule within the collage that it's kind of a tease - me and my eyedropper tool wanted to see more.

* i told him i couldn't sleep because he kept putting his arm under pillow. that's a half truth at least.


  1. Wow. I am loving all this art. These are so beautiful!!

  2. Anonymous20.6.11

    Really dreamy and such great color choices. Great find!


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