feature art friday | ted harrison

i don't often talk about my job. i feel like it should be quite separate than my blog. but it does seem strange that i haven't featured this artist, for whom i work at my place of employment. ted harrison. harrison's art, though widely known, is still not known quite enough in my opinion. for it is a style of art that crosses many boundaries, whether they be in demographic or genre. his work has found a home in the hearts of young and old alike, and crosses boundaries between the folk genre and a more contemporary style.

ted harrison, who was born in the uk, is celebrated in canada for his colourful depictions of the yukon and the pacific coast. he uses bright colours, abnormal tonalities and strong delineations to present his scenes and the characters within them. his little people never have faces - for perhaps then you may recognize someone you know.

it is so very hard for me to pick favourites (although of course i have one favourite, the first image below), as they are all so uplifting and whimsical, but below are a small collection of his gigantic oeuvre.


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! :D WOw! I love those. Seriously.

  2. beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing these! xo hugs

  3. i love the whale one!!


  4. I'm a new follower (from the MaieDae blog)! Cute blog! :D


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