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i find it so crazy that i never wear colour...but i do love it around me. for some reason that includes on my laptop screen and sometimes my accessories. i've had this etsy shop, boo and boo factory, intermittently minimized and opened for the past couple days and it's been a total thrill every time i click onto the tab. 

BAM! colour!* it shocks me, it wakes me up...it makes me giggle without intending to.  i originally saw a necklace by boo and boo on elsie from a beautiful mess (one can dream huh? maybe i should just send her some of my stationery and she'll be like "whoa, cool. isavirtue rocks guys!"**) anyways, i was gonna tell you more about this jewelry but i realized i clipped the etsy shop statement below. i'm sure she'll describe it better than i could!

i just think boo and boo factory is the bees knees. so check it out yo.

* and capitals! wow, she must really be serious about this "BAM" business.
** did you like that moment in my mind? me neither, it's unproductive up there, i know.


  1. Wow!! I've never heard of this before. Gorgeous pieces! Off to take a better look. :)

  2. I definitely need to check out this shop. I'm loving the stand out colors on these necklaces and earrings! I don't know why but they kind of remind me of the 80's haha


  3. Anonymous7.6.11

    definitely very eighties but somehow much more modern...

  4. accessories are the easiest way to add color to an outfit. love these!

  5. These are so fun. I swear that 90% of my clothes are black , but I love color. Weird I know, hehehe.

  6. Love the colors :) I also have a hard time breaking out of good old neutrals sometimes...

  7. Wow! This is such a great shop!! I love the colors. Very 90s.

  8. What gorgeous, gorgeous pieces! I love her color pairings.

  9. these are so fun and cute! love them & love your blog!!

    maybe you would like to follow each other? let us know!

    hope you'll come visit us again soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie


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