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so i need your help - because i really don't know how i got myself into this mess. i usually read one book at a time. but somehow i have developed a pile and reading all of them at once is not working. so i'm going to tell you about each book, and why i have to or should or want to read it. and then you tell me which one o finish first. also, a list of what order to read them in would help.
here they are in no particular order (that's your job!):

auschwitz: a doctor's eyewitness account: j wants me to read this because he read it two weeks ago. i do have an interest in the holocaust and am interested in reading this historic account. however, i often read at night, and think it might be too gruesome for me to handle at that hour.

a new kind of monster: a book about a serial killer in ontario that j wants me to read because he just finished it. (no, i have no idea what is up with his reading choices but he's reading so i'm happy). i suspect he is going to just hand me every book he reads. what kind of obligation do i have in this situation?

the opposite of me: my beach book that i started reading in hawaii. it's actually pretty good and i have about two chapters left but it's so fluffy and light, i feel guilty not reading something more pertinent.

the dukan diet: i came across this on lulapalooza's blog - and then i came across it in every bookstore in town. i liked her review and the cover is pretty. i want to read at least a couple chapters before i begin the diet. obviously though you can see my lack of motivation in wanting to read it because it then involves a lack of eating.

water for elephants: a book that i read about six chapters of before getting distracted by hawaii beach reads. i really wanted to finish this so that i could see the movie in theatres. should i give up?

the god of small things: a book i bought and intended to read for a book club i sometimes attend. i have a week, maybe two before the next meeting. should i bother? what about all the others? what about my diet? ack!

oh, and i should mention my mother calls me like every week and recommends new authors and books for me to read...

help me!


  1. I just purchased the Dukan Diet yesterday at Barnes & Noble (I also saw it on Lula's blog) and i will get started with it next week (finishing another book first)! But, those are all some great reads you got there!! My stack is usually that high as well! Happy Sunday xxx

  2. I totally recommend Water for Elephants first. It' s beautiful, a quick read, and if you get it done before the movie comes out, then your reading experience won't be impacted by the media of the movie (you know what I mean?)
    Have fun reading!
    Now following, love finding fellow Canadians in the blog world!

  3. Finish Water For Elephants, I promise you'll love it!

  4. hahaha! I say finish the opposite of me first- since you're almost done anyways. No sense in stopping then having to start at the beginning later. And maybe go from there. Judge which book should be next by how far you've gotten into it already. :)

  5. Agreed with Gentri, since you are nearly finished opposite of me, you might as well finish it, or you can read one book at night and another in the morning, would that help in anyway ? hope it does! =]

  6. I say finish Water for Elephants, then maybe you won't feel bad finishing Opposite of Me, and you can see where you stand with the rest then! I've been meaning to read Water for Elephants too so I can watch the movie!

    star-crossed smile

  7. finish the summer read, and then water for elephants! it''ll feel good to knock off the last 2 chapters, and consequently, an entire book off the list!

  8. i do the same thing ~ books pile up around the house and then one day, I decide its time to get to the bottom of those chapters. this weekend happened to be that time. i finished 3 books ~ water for elephants (loved it), the paris wife, and bitter and sweet. my appetite for the written word is voracious now (again).

    good luck.

  9. Thanks for the book suggestions. I am in the need for a good summer book. I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and I'm glad you found me in internet land.

    I hope to see around again and I'll definitely be checking up on your blog and your little adventures.


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