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when i was in hawaii last week j and i went out to the shops the day before we left. as we were strolling, we came across a place called galerie 103. obviously i loved the name right away (i seriously have a thing for galleries with numbers in the title. if it has number, i'm there! strange i know, but something about it always feels so chic to me). we stepped inside the space and i was so thrilled to see that this was indeed a contemporary art gallery, and not a mish mash of wooden sculptures and beach photographs. it was a pleasure to meet the curator/owner of the gallery, bruna stude. i spoke with her for awhile and it was clear to me we share many of the same ideas about art, presentation and sharing it with the public.

i immediately noticed the artist statement: usually cut from vinyl and adhered to the wall, this statement was written directly on the wall by the artist herself, sally french. i'm tickled by this because it's always something i imagined doing (curating) in an art gallery - writing or painting directly on the walls. and in fact "direct" is the key word here. because the words were written in the artist's own hand, i felt like she was speaking to me directly. her work from "the black spring" is direct as well:

images via galerie 103

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