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working on the traveling journal project has allowed me to meet some amazing and enthusiastic people. one of them is nicole, who blogs at "running in heels." while a great deal of her blog thus far takes place in denver, colorado, she is currently living in portland. i'm a little sad that she is no longer in colorado, only because i'm not sure if i'll make it out to christo and jeanne-claude's "over the river" project next year and i kind of wanted to know someone who could describe it in great detail to me. but alas...

i like nicole's blog because it's so clear what she is passionate about. first and foremost, running is a big part of her life. and to that, i bow down to her in a fancy manner because that's something i find incredibly difficult (i think there may be a memory in this blog somewhere about "the time i tried to jog out of doors"). but jokes aside, she writes real posts and doesn't try to pass off pretty pictures as a blog post. i hope you get a chance to head on over there. and watch the traveling journal blog, as she will have the book in the near future!

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  1. Ah I love Nicole's blog too! She's just so real and easy to relate to. It makes me feel like I've known her forever :)


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