sunday seller / knot and bow

i have been admiring this etsy shop for awhile now. at thirteen hundred and forty six sales since they opened last april, they certainly don't need any help getting their feet off the ground! i absolutely adore the first line of knot and bow's profile description: "i'm a lover of brown paper packages tied up with string. this shop is a collection of a few of my favourite things." how can you not love someone who quotes from the sound of music?

although i am incredibly jealous of how well her shop has done in just a year, i have to applaud knot and bow's fresh atmosphere, crisp stationery and insatiably cute products! here are some of my favourite things from the shop:


  1. Awesome collection of goodies :) Who does love cute heart stickers all wrapped up in stunning packaging :) xx Cat

  2. I was looking at this shop just yesterday! I die for the little gift wrapping kits.

    Sigh, I want everything Etsy has to offer!

  3. very cute, but so overpriced! they must be making a 95% markup on everything they sell!

  4. These are indeed beautiful items x


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