a letter

dear mother nature,

i see you have already made the schedule for the month of april. i realize this request comes a little late, but if you could switch the shifts of rain and sun on the 15th and 16th of april it would coincide nicely with my wedding on the 16th. i understand that personal matters are less relevant in the workplace but any assistance at all in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

hopefully sunny yours,


  1. It was finally sunny here today and was so happy!! You should definitely make a board for me! They are so much fun :)

  2. i'm going to hazard a guess that a 2-week forecast isn't the most accurate thing on the planet.

  3. Anonymous3.4.11

    i know... you're right...

  4. it's not going to rain. it's not. it's not. it's not.

  5. Katrina4.4.11

    I agree with Annie - it's not going to rain, it's just simply not going to rain!
    And I also agree with Shawna - I think Mother Nature will change her plans for the 16th a few more times before the actual day arrives!

  6. it wont rain. the weather report isnt correct unless its reporting current weather. did i mention i love your new blog?


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