jewelry chooseday comes early

hi loves! i'm mervi from my best friend jules. i'm so happy to be here guest posting for kaitlyn while she's celebrating her wedding. i can only imagine what a beautiful couple kaitlyn and her beau will be on their wedding day. congratulations darling girl!

so in honor of kaitlyn tying the knot, i decided to have a hint of romance in my little etsy finds collection. i call it "spring love." i'm absolutely smitten with all of these items, but the suede bow belt is my favorite! it would look so pretty with a girly floral dress or i would match it with a jeans+cardie look, giving it some extra cute-factor.

which one is your favorite?


  1. Wow all of those items are so gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous18.4.11

    That butterfly comb is too beautiful for words! =) x


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