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today's post is brought to you by mallory from miss malaprop. mallory is from new orleans where she runs a blog and an online shop. she is dedicated to handmade and eco-friendly products. she also designs recycled clothing, accessories and costumes.

"if i had to choose one and only one etsy shop to take with me to a desert island, dine with for my last meal, and i could only ever shop with that seller again and no one else...well, i just might choose the lovely ladies of ureshii.

emily and amanda have a keen knack for creating clothes that both look good and are comfortable, and man oh man do i love them for it! if i had a bajillion dollars, i would certainly spend a good portion of that with them. they make all of their clothes to measure out of beautiful fabrics like bamboo jersey ad merino wool. i already have a few pieces made by them, including the slinky horizontality dress, and the sexy drapey top but every time i venture into their etsy shop for a peek around, i always end up adding new wants and wishes to my list! (it's dangerous - you are warned!)

the thing that makes their clothing so great, other than the fact that it's made for your specific measurements so it will fit you perfectly, is that the styles they create are so classic that you'll be wearing them for years to come. their tagline is "handmade wardrobe bliss" for a reason! ureshii creates those wardrobe staples to fill the voids in your closet and make you wonder what you ever did without them! oh geez, what am i talking about? it's as if i need to talk myself into another reason to buy more of their clothing!

go check out their shop - you'll see what i mean. or catch them on twitter and facebook."

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