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i would kill to attend an event by outstanding in the field. i love the idea behind these dinner parties and the feelings they inspire. they set a loooooooong table in the middle of fields, along beach coasts, mountain tops and inside barns and diners enjoy a very communal dinner while they commune with nature. outstanding in the field describes the importance of re-connecting diners to the land and the origins of their food. i think this would be really exciting - it's like dinner on the patio times ten million! i think there would be a real sense of togetherness despite the fact that you may not know the people sitting near you - but you would be sharing in this experience together.

now, i've got my own giant dinner party to plan,* but if you have 200 dollars to spare then you could attend the pemberton bc event, the aldergrove bc event or the st catherines on event.**

*ahem, a wedding. j is making the table lists as we speak and needless to say, it is a bit of a conundrum.
** why am i assuming you live in canada? click here for the full list of events.

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