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my mind has been very much taken over lately with the idea of a honeymoon. if you had asked us eight months ago where we were going on our honeymoon, we would have said greece. ahhh, what an unrealistic dream that was. even if we'd decided to forgo the whole wedding reception, we still couldn't have afforded it. to be honest, i'm not sure why we chose greece anyways.* but then recently my aunt offered to send us somewhere after the wedding!. at this point we just want to go somewhere warm and lay unthinking in the sun, while we make gaga eyes at each other the way newly married couples do. we are trying not to get our hopes up, because if the effort to renew our passports is any indication of what is to come, the honeymoon may not happen.

but today i would like to commemorate through letterpress, the gorgeous, history filled honeymoon we will not have (not now anyways). these invitations are by bespoke letterpress in brisbane and they do some incredible things with paper!

*yes i do, j likes ruins and i had recently watched an episode of the sisterhood of the travelling pants.

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