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january 8 to 14 is international letter writing week. but wait! it gets better! today is international thank-you day! some of my favourite letters to write and mail are thank-you notes. because if there is anything better than receiving a letter, it's receiving one that sings your praises.

since moving back to ontario i have been in a constant state of appreciation. having a baby really brings out the generosity in others. this is perfect during a time when you are taking care of another human being and you have nothing left to give yourself. while i just finished a series of thank-you notes to those family members who gave jack a christmas gift, i am going to send one more to one of his new caretakers. follow me on instagram to see my mail.

here is a post i wrote on how to write a thank-you note. it really covers everything! and here is another article about thank-you notes to bring the point home. if you are looking for some nice stationery to keep on hand, everything in my shop is 25% off until the January 14 with the coupon code LETTERLOVER.

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