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before moving to victoria, i worked at the kitchener-waterloo art gallery. now, back in ontario six years later, i am again working at my favourite public gallery.

i am totally enamoured with our current exhibition and thought i would share some images and info from our curatorial tour. although born wisconson, lynne cohen is known as a renowned canadian photographer from montreal. she unfortunately lost her battle with cancer in may 2014, but her artwork lives on in both public spaces and private collections.

her photos are 'immaculately conceived' and never hold a title or descriptor. they capture readymade places and moments in the passage of time. there are no people in the images, but remnants of their presence are clear. above all, cohen strived to find places which exuded a feeling of weirdness or anomaly and which felt slightly 'off.' locations include men's clubs, military practice areas, public facilities and halls - but here i am sharing some of her pool or 'spa' images.

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