links | craft bg's, colourful quikts & curls

one | unique folded art that i would love to study in person
two | i love to curl my hair when i have time; this breakdown is fascinating!
three | beautiful handmade heels
four | if i had a food processer you can bet i would be making this treat...
five | this quilt inspires me to make more and become really skilled at it
six | ideas for product and craft presentation backgrounds


i love large bags

fun abstract gift tags

so wishing i could do this to my own hair

i always have trouble spending money on shoes but i'm seriously considering these heeled beauties

this coat has like eighteen pockets!! the mommy and prepared person in me loves this

just really beautiful backpacks and totes

it's amazing what they can do with rubber stamps these days - shading/watercolour effect!

i look at job boards every day in preparation for going back to work in september, this is interesting and though i just redesigned my resume, i had no idea you could purchase templates online

i wish i wore pins because this one is adorable!

make your own gift wrap!

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