baby | looking in the mirror

when we are carrying jackson around the apartment we find ourselves stopping in front of every mirror (and we have a lot, we are very self obsessed people! just kidding). i guess it's every parent's instinct to show your child his or her own face and watch their reaction. and recently it seems like there has been some actual recognition! either that or jackson thinks his own face is something to laugh at ;)

but do you know what i think when i'm there with him looking in the mirror?
oh god, i'm hideous.

what i mean by that is that...babies are so perfect! everything about this child in my arms screams smoothness and innocence and happiness (even when he's not).
whereas my (gigantic!!) face next to his looks worn and haggard and depressed (even when i'm not!). it's like, i can literally see the way the world has impressed itself upon me...whereas this baby face appears so untouched. 
so i move to the side (like in the photos below) and we both just admire him for awhile.

*a nice thing: he is so happy in the mornings! usually that's around 6:30 am but it's total smile and coo city and i love it.

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