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my mother and father have this ongoing battle: he believes artwork should be professionally framed (even if it means spending lots of money), and she believes that you should find the cheapest frame possible (think $20 at ikea) because it's what goes inside it that matters.

and me? i think that frames are necessary and should be thoughtfully chosen. but i don't think they should break the bank.

which is why i was delighted when my friend lesley from artsy forager told me about mantle art and her new curated collection. mantle art offers carefully picked prints and professional, but affordable framing by skilled framers in the pacific northwest.

lesley's collection is a beautiful one. houses situated among a sea of nothingness, women with hidden faces and themes of mist, mysteriousness and modernity permeate her picks. i've included a few below but you can view the full collection here.

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