pregnancy 1.2 | a limerick

an ode to pregnancy symptoms
by kaitlyn webb patience

last summer we discovered some very exciting news
had we been paying attention, we might have seen some clues
though we hadn't known
you had already grown
inside of me... and this was no comical ruse

it was hard to believe you were nestling in snug
most of the time i just felt i had a bug
always needing food
though not always in the mood
you were demanding, and i'd yet to even spy your mug

now that so many months have passed
and boy has it gone fast!
i can honestly say
with each passing day
that i love love love you, and even the weight i have amassed!

there's just a couple things i would like to discuss
nothing too serious, i don't mean to put up a fuss
i won't lie though, i am going crazy
and it's all cause of you little baby!
so here are the symptoms that always make me cuss

this tingle i'm feeling in my feet and my fingers
comes on quick and tends to linger
they've all gone numb
right down to my thumbs
you steal my blood and it's like a lightening zinger

during the day i can smell from here to bombay
perfumes, body odour and what everyone ate
but at night my senses are lopped
and my nose shuts up shop
suddenly i've become a mouth breather...yay!

many other symptoms abound in the night
every thirty minutes i'm up with a fright
leg cramps, heartburn
backache and urine
all are exhausting and feel not quite right

rolling out of bed in the morn, is a monumental task
it feels like i've swallowed a whiskey filled flask
edema in my feet
dizziness ain't so sweet
my swollen face looking like a halloween mask

as you grow and grow, you take up more room
looping your legs in my ribcage, just like a loom
my breath becomes short
or so my diaphragm reports
and your constant kicking is bruising my womb!

but perhaps the worst, is the urgent need to pee
i feel bad for people who are talking to me
i'm gone in a flash
to the washroom i dash
only to present a teaspoon of wee

but alas, when all is said and done
i can hardly wait to meet you my son
it's just a few weeks
for the comfort i seek
it will all be worth it, when out of the oven pops a bun.

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  1. These symptoms will be worth it in the end! This is a wonderful poem.


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