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after a weekend of not feeling quite up to snuff (fluid retention pain, nausea, lack of energy) this sunny monday feels good. mondays get a lot of flack but you can't deny they offer a sense of renewed energy and fresh outlook. i'm surprised i feel this way because my life is not currently defined by a work week, or even outings of any sort. it won't last long though...i can feel myself getting tired already and i've only been up for a short while!

reading |
kinfolk - the ice cream issue
i picked up a couple back issues of my favourite magazine at a speciality stationery store here in town (also online). it's nice reading about warm summer days and cold summer treats despite the constant blizzard outside. the articles and photographs in kinfolk are always something to savour and i like to read one small article before bed.

i thought it was important to read this because although it seems like a simple, straight forward process - it's my understanding that it can be quite difficult. while the book definitely has a "breast is best" lean to it, and never once mentioned midwifery care - it's actually quite openminded about all the different ways to go about breastfeeding. this includes supplementary formula feedings, including your husband in the process and how to manage going back to work.

watching |
80's classics. we finally purchased a shelf and unpacked our entire dvd collection (it's possible my husband was more happy during this then when i told him i was pregnant. he really likes his dvd's). so we've been doing it old school this past week and watching classics like the princess bride and the neverending story.

looking forward to |
holding my son and rubbing my cheeks against his. this "looking forward to" is also contrasted by a growing anxiety. but i'm definitely getting more excited about having a baby here and being able to cuddle him and soothe him and touch all of his (sure to be) perfect parts. i've even started to dream about it which is awesome!

tired of |
this pain in my ribs. it's so constant and aggravating! i'm scared it's going to get worse. i find the most consistent things are the most tiring aren't they? evenings are particularly bad and i have to stop what i'm doing often and stretch out to give everything in my stomach cavity more room.
also, i'm tired of being tired. i know this is only going to be worse after the sniff arrives but i'm not joking when i say i wake up at ten am (after nine-ten hours sleep) and go back to bed for a two hour nap at noon. for awhile i thought maybe i was getting too much sleep. but i don't think that's it.

proud of |

the direction my stationery shop is heading in. i'm creating like crazy and hope to have three hundred products listed in the next eight weeks. i've added a lot of products and colours that i like and so i'm hoping other's do as well! i really want to keep the shop open but i need it to be perfect before i can step back a little. some of my favourite new items are these aerogram journaling envelopes.

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