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and when i say "on change" i do mean every single little thing. on monday i flew from british columbia to ontario - permanently. as i suspected i would, i'm feeling pretty sad and anxious. i don't currently have a job which is a big change from a busy summer of art festival planning, gallery working and stationery shoppe manning. it makes me feel incredibly out of sorts not to have anything to do.

i moved into my new place last night but it doesn't feel like home. it's possible it just needs a husband, and some furniture (arriving respectively in a few days, and in a few weeks). but still, both of my last apartments felt like home right away, and in both situations i didn't have any "stuff" either. it's also a bit strange to get used to things i haven't had much experience with in the past five years. driving, major highways, big box stores...and soon enough, snow. it's all coming back to me though.

if anyone has any tips on how to deal with change, and how to do nothing...let me know.

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