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art toronto offers a cross section of major toronto art centres and galleries in one large format presentation (think science fair style). galleries from other areas such as asia and the uk are also represented, though i'm not quite sure how they fit it. each galleries brings works by artists they represent. below are some of my favourites.

i'm not sure these images do the coloured pencil drawings justice (or any of the works below!). but these unique still life formations are some of the most mysterious and magical items i have ever laid eyes on. the choice of objects, and the quietly perfect composition leave me feeling both at ease, and yearning for more information.

again, still life artwork - but with a twist. atsuko fujii also creates an atmosphere of wonder with his portrayals of fruit and utensils rising perilously into mid-air (or magically depending on how you perceive it). 

i saw this photograph below in large format and that was an important factor because the grandiose scale gives the image a distinct sense of presence. growing up, my father worked for one of the major canadian airlines. so even though i'm a bit of a nervous nelly in the sky nowadays, airports hold a soft spot in my heart, and these photos show you the sheer geometric beauty of them.

i was really moved by these chromogenic prints. like many art lovers and buyers, i find portraiture hard to connect with (though photography is infinitely easier than paintings). but because mak has chosen to present her subjects out of focus, the viewer can pretend the women are whomever they want. i'm actually considering this work as a future purchase, i really love it. 

i've seen versions of this type of photography/amalgamation online - who knows maybe the work belonged to harry enchin (ah yes, the downsides of the internet). but these photos are fascinating none the less - the artist has taken century old black and white images, and returned to the same spot to take a picture of contemporary society. he then melds the two together in the most interesting ways.

works by jesse bromm at neubacher shor contemporary?

i have this artist's name written on a card from neubacher shor contempoary but i can't find his name on their website. so who knows... what i do know is how amazing these little vignettes are. miniature people in everyday settings on unlikely foundations such as needles, shotgun shells and animal skulls. 

i noticed these works because they remind me of one of my favourite artists (i'll save that for an art vs art). it's hard to see in these images but i love when artists leave some of the foundation visible (i.e. raw canvas, blank wood panel etc) instead of covering the whole space. i also love the geometric angles and the crisp masking lines.

let me preface this by saying that i'm a hard sell when it comes to glass and ceramic sculture. while i can appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating it, it usually bores me, or doesn't feel contemporary enough. but these melted ice cream ceramics by anna barlow melt my sculpture cold heart. i think they are beautiful, especially in the way they capture a single moment in time - while something is disintegrating.

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  1. these are all great but i particularly like the harry enchin photographs. neat!


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